Senior Lecturer | Queen Mary, University of London

Thanks for visiting my website and your interest in my work. This website brings together my research, publications, blog writing, and other activities.

My research centers on the intersection between migration, globalization and urbanization to understand social inequalities. I primarily employ qualitative analysis that engages theories and debates in social policy, critical urbanism and migration studies. Much of my work is inherently interdisciplinary, cutting across research in anthropology, geography, politics and sociology.

My current research project is called ‘Welcoming Cities? Understanding Sanctuary in Securitized States’ and explores the policies, practices and meaning of ‘sanctuary cities’ across Canada, USA and the UK.

I have also written a book based on my doctoral research with Romanian Roma migrants and front line workers in the UK. It is called ‘Home-land: Romanian Roma, domestic spaces and the state‘ and was published with University of Bristol Press.

You can contact me on or follow me on twitter @rachel_humphris